Heard of Islamic Crowdfunding and Fintech? Our platforms serve 4 investor & donor types.

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We are truly in the middle of the Fintech revolution. In a handful of countries, P2P crowdfunding has funded projects to the tune of billions of dollars.

Venture Capital overtakes Private Equity. Regulators take on Regtech. Blockchain and cryptos suddenly have proof of concept at scale. Welcome to the era of digital money. Raise funds or pool funds with crowdfunding communities.

An unprecedented opportunity.

We all have a role to play in this new financial landscape. All our lives will be touched by, and in many cases dramatically improved by fintech. Our 2 platforms are serve a growing community of 30,000 from more than 65 countries. Yet this is a just a drop in the ocean compared to the large financing gaps that exist..

Islamic Finance has long yearned for solutions to reach the 800 million Muslims living on $2 a day (source: Islamic Development Bank). Can Technology succeed and make inclusive finance a reality?.

WE believe that technology platforms will provide new opportunities for impact investments. Imagine being empowered to decide where your investments go. Want to invest in property? What about investing in the business of property development? Can those with smaller capital also invest? Is it suitable for larger investors such as high-networth individuals?

Call it Investment Crowdfunding, P2P financing or marketplace lending, this is a proven model at a large scale. China, the US, Europe and Indonesia are just a few countries in the billion-dollar crowdfunding club. The framework of crowdfunding is very much attuned and effective for the use of Islamic finance contracts that ensure a high level of ethics that are generally accepted as universal values. Islamic finance principles are also well aligned with the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Crowdfunding can reach deeper and serve huge market gaps banks just can’t or won’t serve.

Transport Apps are eating transport companies for lunch

Finance is evolving gaining traction rapidly, just as how personal transport suddenly became dominant a few years ago. The transport industry is now disrupted globally, and the same is expected for finance.

Uber is looking to having a US$120billion listing this year, and continues to fend-off challengers that have also gained significant strength in their own regions of the world. While some have joined forces with Uber, others remain defiant. You may have heard of these regional powerhouses Lyft, Grab, Careem, Ola, Didi Chuxing and others. Transport Platforms connect passengers (or goods) and drivers.When idle resources circulate, society gains.

The Future of Islamic Fintech with Ethis Ventures

Similarly, fintech will change society as we know it. When funds circulate more effectively and directly from people-to-people and people-to-projects through platforms and wallets, we have a new dynamic where impact is direct and immediate. A closer look at this phenomenon shows incredible opportunity for positive change.

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Ethis believes that Islamic Fintech can and will bridge the many Financing gaps in the Muslim World and for minority-Muslim communities everywhere else. We expect the biggest impact will come from crowdfunding, and that’s why we are focused on Islamic Crowdfunding to gather and activate communities to circulate funds for good.

At this early stage, growing our company also entails building the Islamic Fintech industry. As such, collaboration with community, business and finance leaders and institutions is key.

As the early movers, we need run fast and ride this wave of positive change. We must grow together for the society to realise the value and benefit of crowdfunding to its true potential.

Which funder type are you?

We seek to engage with 4 groups of investors to participate with our crowd:

  1. Angel Investors & Venture Capital

  1. Lead Investors in Real Estate Islamic Crowdfunding Social Housing Projects
  • This excites me most, and has been our core activity for the past 3 years, with proven success
  • Here’s our latest report which highlights the performance and outcome of our Indonesian Social Housing campaigns and projects
  • If you’re a private investor or institution keen to invest larger amounts of above S$10,000, submit your interest here.
  1. CSR and Islamic Charity Donors

  • GlobalSadaqah.com is a platform or marketplace for Islamic charity. We serve Corporate Donors as well as the general public who want to give Sadaqah, Zakat and Waqf to responsible and impactful charities and groups.
  • We bring transparency and accountability to increase the effectiveness of your charity
  • Donors join us here

Ethis is active in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and we are planning to expand to more regions in the next two years, inshaAllah.

We want and need to forge many alliances and partnerships and go global rapidly. However at this moment, we are need to focus first on scaling up in Southeast Asia.

  1. The EthisCrowd!

If you are not from one of these categories, then you fall into our most powerful category of all – the EthisCrowd. The EthisCrowd is an online community of 26,000 Ethical & Islamic donors. Let’s circulate good, together. EthisCrowd signup

What does the next version of Islamic Finance look like? Here’s a 10-min video of my presentation ‘the Future of Islamic Fintech’.

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2 Replies to “Heard of Islamic Crowdfunding and Fintech? Our platforms serve 4 investor & donor types.

  1. All our lives will be touched by, and in many cases dramatically improved by fintech. Our 2 platforms are serve a growing community of 30,000 from more than 65 countries

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