Riding the Wave with EthisX’s Signature event, Fintech Wave!

Riding the Wave with EthisX’s Signature event, Fintech Wave!
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Blaring their first roar, up-and-about global cross-border ethical crowdfunding platform, EthisX has made their first step in their journey to #CirculateGood by releasing  the first edition of their quarterly event, the Fintech Wave on August 27, 2022. 

The event is a platform for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs, investors, authorities and like-minded individuals to come together to connect, educate, and provide opportunities  to those who are interested and familiar with the topics of Fintech, Islamic Finance, Equity Crowdfunding,and Peer-to-Peer lending. Two panel discussions took place in the five-hour-long event, titled The Significance of Fintech in Revolutionising the Global Financial Market and The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Financial Services. 

Ms. Riza Ismail, the COO and Compliance Director at EthisX, spoke about  the goal of EthisX, which is to narrow the  funding gap and aid overlooked segments among  entrepreneurs and businesses. 


Technology has evolved in many shapes and forms, with different innovations and inventions taking place every single day in every part of the globe. What would have been impossible in terms of financial transactions have now allowed us to seamlessly carry out our banking and financing needs through technology. It has led to what we now know as Fintech,” said Ms.Riza.

Attendees got to enjoy two startup presentations that circulated around the topics related to finance. 

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As part of his presentation, Potential Impact of Islamic Wealth Management on Lowering Consumer Barriers, Mr. Omar Shaikh from Cocoa Investment provided insights  and stressed on the importance of amanah in customer and business transparency, and steering clear from highly confusing jargons to overcome the barrier of accessibility and knowledge for new consumers. He said Islamic wealth management emphasises on shariah-compliance, which creates a strict ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible system on the financial landscape.

Mr. Hasam Khan, founder of Rabt, a renowned app that has been hailed as the Spotify of Islam seeks to inspire many upcoming Islamic content creators and curators to unleash their creativity and knowledge on the Internet. He spoke on the topic  The Inspiration Journey of Online Islamic Content. The app itself,  Mr. Hasam Khan said, aims to be a  medium that  spreads love and truth regarding Islam while upholding Islamic values, so that both mualafs and existing muslims have access to a one stop solution where they can learn all things Islam on-the-go.

The last session, titled The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Financial Services, was a panel discussion moderated by Mr. Hassan Mursal Hassan of  EthisX and joined by Dr. Moutaz Abojeib, Dr. Irum Saba, and Dr. Fatin Zadjali. Talk about doctor power! This  discussion touched on how emerging technologies such as blockchain affects the banking industry, on accessibility and the new norm, as well as on how working-from-home has  impacted the manpower landscape and more significantly, working women. 

All in all, many thought leaders came together to share insights on various topics, making the  event more invigorating!. 

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