Press Release: Ethis Ventures Launches Sadaqah Crowdfunding to Uplift Indonesian Communities

Globally, Muslims are known to be highly charitable, and freely donate huge sums of money for social and religious causes. This love for giving, however, has in many instances been let down by poor management and lack of transparency. As such, giving volumes are high but with too little positive impact, …) with a positive impact on beneficiaries and those striving to break out of poverty and rise out of hopelessness.

The new platform,,  seeks to showcase the numerous social and religious campaigns of the world’s largest community of Muslims, based in Indonesia. This largely rural community of 8 million is united by the inspiring social entrepreneur religious leader, Ustaz Yusuf Mansur, a social media sensation. His vision for an uplifted Ummah and his savvy use of technology has brought together the masses to fund and drive thousands of campaigns to improve the lives of millions of low-income Indonesians and their families.

This new donation Islamic Crowdfunding platform is a partnership between Ethis Ventures, a Singapore-based pioneer in the field, (and) local payment app, PayTren. PayTren, launched in 2013, is co-founded by Ustaz Yusuf and Pak Hari and has more than 1 million registered users.

The role of Islamic social financing in connecting potential donors with humanitarian issues would considerably enhance the resilience and adaptive capacity-building for communities at risk. Zakat alone has massive potential to eradicate poverty and alleviate the well-being of the needy. Crowdfunding is a powerful means of achieving these intended goals, manifesting as a revolutionary mechanism to uplift communities globally.

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