5 Things that make a successful campaign

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The key to success is action, and the essential in action is perseverance.”

1) Perseverance

Perseverance, is indeed the key to success in no matter what you want to accomplish in life. Being persistent and never giving up can get you from point A to point B through challenging circumstances and obstacles – when there is determination and hunger, you won’t let anyone and anything stand in the way. Be it working on building oneself, or building a business, perseverance is fundamental. We have all heard countless success stories of big names. These individuals didn’t become who they are overnight. It was after an abundance of mishaps that they managed to reach where they are today. The legendary Steve Jobs had to fall numerous times in order to put Apple into the hands of the world today. The only reason why he managed to succeed was because he never decided to admit defeat – “Never give up, never surrender!” can be quoted from Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, and who would have thought Buzz could be so wise!

2) Engagement with the public

To launch a successful campaign, engagement with the crowd and the public is extremely important. People want to be felt, and be connected. In order to do this, we have to use the right emotion and sentiment. “The content you create should focus on your audience and not on you or your company.” Our audience and customers always come first. We are serving them. We need to suppress selling too much about ourselves, to communicate the impact and benefits of what we want to do. 

We need to make crowdfunders feel important – that they are a part of you. Big cosmetics companies gain a strong following because they celebrate women. They make women feel that they are a part of the brand. The leading brands in the industry such as Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier and Maybelline, to name a few, advertise with women of all kinds of colours, sizes and from all cultures.

3) Product and promotion

The content of the campaign plays a major role in making it successful. There has to be thorough research on the subject that should be focused, and when it should be carried out so you can attract the right audience at the right time. For example when distributing flyers, the timing and location matters a lot. With the right approach, you will be able to reach your target audience.

When there are campaigns that are operating, Ethis would choose to focus on a specific group of people that are more inclined to participate in investments. As an example, it is unlikely for us to target high school students since they may not have sufficient savings for such activity. 

The service, solution or product you are selling has to connect to your audience. This is when interaction with the public is important. When the audience can relate to your business, or even passionately love your brand, then they will be your brand ambassadors, which leads to social proof and stronger virality. It is critical to speak to your audience. 

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What people want is to feel belonged, or connected to something. When feelings and emotions start to get engaged, your audience will be more compelled to become customers or in the case of crowdfunding, investors. People buy into what they believe in. You have to develop trust, which takes time to be built. This should be an ongoing process of creating content that resonates with your crowd. 

“Consumers don’t want to be sold in a single pitch. They want to establish relationships with companies that gradually gain their trust and loyalty by consistently delivering the content and information they want.”

4) Share stories with people

Other than that, good stories are incredibly important in getting people’s responses. They would respond to things that are closest to heart. Telling people’s stories and connecting them to the brand will gain you a lot of awareness from the public. People want to hear real stories told by real people. Stories that they can relate to. 

For instance, a story about an elderly person that was abandoned by their children to be left on the streets would catch people’s attention and sympathy. It is just natural for people to be concerned when it comes to this issue, simply because we are all human. 

Let’s take an example of what we do here in Ethis – most of our projects involve people who are in dire need of homes. The population in Jakarta is growing and there are not enough homes for its people. Our additional investment goal is to build houses for low-income families so they can also feel the warmth and comfort of having proper shelter.

5) Identifying the nature of the campaign

When running a campaign, having a comprehensive understanding and grasp of its components is incredibly crucial. You have to focus on and convey your mission – what is it that the business is seeking to accomplish at the end of the day. Every time a project or a campaign is run, you should have at least some prospects which might include the timeline, the target community – the number of people (participants), the ideal age group for that particular project, and most importantly, the message that you want to convey.

People need to have a good idea, and understand what you are delivering to them. They need to know why you are doing what you are doing. As a result of this, they will value and appreciate the purpose of your notion. 

There are many factors that contribute to the success of any campaign or operation. One major thing to keep in mind is to be truthful with our purpose. Having the right intentions can go a long way. Ethis’ aim is always to give a helping hand to those in need. Our main focus is to fight poverty and connect people through ethical and smart investments. Once you have set your priorities straight, the process becomes much clearer.

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