Muslims keep saying Alhamdulillah finally give me a way to invest Halal!

Muslims around the world are thankful for having Here are the three main reasons why.

1-We Are Ethical And Islamic:

If you don’t already know by now, is an Islamic Crowdfunding company. It matches investors with carefully chosen projects. These projects are all completely Islamic and Shariah compliant. No interest, no hidden fees, and complete transparency.

We focus mainly on real estate projects in Indonesia, but we don’t target the typical ones. Instead, we choose projects that bring real social impact to people, such as building affordable houses for poor families.

So far the results are great! Our crowdfunding campaigns in Indonesia will build more than 4000 homes, in just three years. That’s 22,000 people that will soon be able to afford their own homes and enjoy a higher standard of living.


2-We Are Easily Accessible:

Now that I’ve told you the main feature of our projects, I’ll explain a little on why having an Islamic Crowdfunding platform is so attractive in the first place, and that is mainly its accessibility. With us, all you need is an internet connection. Muslims from all over the world can invest in the projects that we back. Gone are the days when a shortage of Islamic financial services stopped Muslims from investing in a Halal way!

We have people, especially living in non-Muslim countries, thanking us for giving them the chance to invest in an Islamic project. They tell us that they “have been looking for something like this for a long time” and that they’ve been “sitting on cash as the options just aren’t there for Muslims”. The need was real and with the use of technology we are able to fill in the gaps of Islamic finance today.


3-We Have High Projected Returns:

Indonesia has a growing and healthy economy and 2017 is looking to be a good financial year. The property sales in Indonesia will grow at least 15 percent this year.

Through, almost anyone can invest in this lucrative market. First-time investors can participate with just SGD$500(or USD370) And in return, they can expect healthy profits. Our 1-year projects offer on average 10-15% projected returns, which is impressive considering banks on average offer 2-5% on your deposits!

We believe, as do our investors, that Islamic Crowdfunding embodies the values of Islamic Finance. People come together to support low-income families and in return get back good profits. It’s no wonder then that Muslims around the world are rejoicing at!

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