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Though many might assume that crowdfunding started bursting onto the scene during the digital era, the idea of crowdfunding as a concept precedes the turn of the millennium, dating back to 1700

Today, it’s evident that the crowdfunding landscape has evolved from a mere fintech lingo to a potential market for growth, rising significantly over the years—the global crowdfunding market size expects to reach US$196.36 billion by 2025. Across the world, thousands of platforms now help mobilize the crowd to fund businesses, give back to society and help realize public and personal projects. In this crowded space, where does Ethis lie? That is the catalyst behind the Ethis Investopreneurial Summit.

Powered by Ethis, this two-day annual gathering of Ethis stakeholders and investors, thought leaders, government institutions and ecosystem collaborators aim to discuss the latest movements within the industry and Ethis, market trends and opportunities and challenges faced in the crowdfunding landscape.

Whether you are new in the realms of crowdfunding or are an experienced venture capitalist looking for the next up-and-coming startup, this event is the best place for you to get practical tips, hot takes, and case study examples on crowdfunding. Join like-minded professionals from around the world who believe in the longevity and power of mobilizing funds through crowdfunding.  



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Umar Munshi

Ethis Group MD, Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor of GlobalSadaqah

A social entrepreneur since 18, Umar has experiences in health-tech, Islamic finance and education that brought him from Singapore to Saudi, a long stint in Indonesia in a partnership with his Ethis Co-Founder Ronald Wijaya, and now Kuala Lumpur. Umar is also the Founder and Strategic Advisor of the charity crowdfunding platform Global Sadaqah. Umar is well-connected in the fintech world, serving as the Chairman of the Islamic Fintech Alliance and is a committee member of Fintech Association Malaysia.

Ronald Wijaya

Co-Founder and CEO Ethis Indonesia

A social entrepreneur since partnering with Umar a decade ago, Ronald has vast experiences as an entrepreneur and business consultant in various sectors across Indonesia, including health-tech, trading, property and manufacturing. Ronald currently serves as the President of the Association of Shariah Fintech Indonesia (AFSI), the largest group of its kind globally, with more than 50 startup founders.

Ifran Tarmizi

Chief Executive Officer, GlobalSadaqah

Ifran has over a decade of experience in various organisations within the financial services industry. Prior to joining Global Sadaqah, he was heading a non-governmental organisation involved in education and social welfare. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Global Sadaqah where he and his team drive an award-winning CSR, Zakat and Waqf Management platform that aims to increase the efficiency, sustainability and impact of social finance.

wan dazriq

Wan Dazriq

Chief Executive Officer, Ethis Malaysia

Dazriq has vast experience in the areas of corporate entrepreneurship, ecosystem building initiatives, as well as, innovation-led transformation efforts that includes multi-stakeholders interests. He manages programs, strategic engagements and forges collaborations that focus on ecosystem building efforts for the entrepreneurship-related sector and relevant innovation capabilities. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and previously served as the Founding President of The Chamber of Social Entrepreneur Development (CSED) Malaysia.

Dato Dr Ramzi bin Mohamad Zubir

Chief Executive Officer, DGK

Dr Ramzi received his PhD in Strategic Planning from the University of Edinburgh. He started his career as an Academician in a College in Malaysia before being roped into the government to help with strategy and policy. He left to pursue his passion in business. He is now chairman of a franchise company, a business consultant and founder of many successful start-ups. Dato Ramzi is a guest speaker and successfully raised funds for his business through the first ECF campaign on Ethis Malaysia.





19 June, 8pm - 10PM MYT

This 2-hour session is a front-row seat to all things Ethis.

Gain valuable insights on equity crowdfunding, P2P crowdfunding, charity crowdfunding and the key-related verticals from Ethis representatives and leaders. 


If you are into business funding and investment opportunities, or are just interested in these areas and would like to know more about Ethis, mark this date on your calendar. 

Getting to know Ethis 

  • Introduction of Ethis Global and its entities: Ethis Indonesia and Ethis Malaysia
  • Highlight current ongoing projects, including latest investment deals and offerings
  • The Ethis Network
  • Q&A session 


Getting to know Global Sadaqah

  • Introduction of Global Sadaqah 

  • Highlight current ongoing projects, including latest charity projects

  • The Global Sadaqah network 

  • Q&A session 


Overview of the Fintech Industry & Islamic Finance

20 June, 8pm - 10PM MYT

Thanks to Fintech, startups and businesses looking to scale can now opt to raise funds via equity crowdfunding platforms alongside traditional methods such as equity funding and Venture Capitalists. 

Join this 2-hour session to get more insights on the alternative funding space, key sharing of market trends, the current opportunities and challenges of the industry, and the potential areas of collaboration within the ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity!

  • Key sharing of market trends and the outlook from issuers and investors segments 
  • Current opportunities and challenges
  • Potential areas of collaboration within the ecosystem
  • Why you should fundraise with Ethis
  • Steps and ways to fundraise with Ethis 



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Ethis Malaysia, which is part of Ethis Group, is a Recognized Market Operator (RMO) approved under Securities Commission Malaysia to carry out Equity Crowdfunding business activities.

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