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Business Registration Flow

Fill Up the Issuer Onboarding Form and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

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Due Diligence Process

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Criteria for Issuers

The company shall be in the form of a local private company or a limited liability partnership.

The company is NOT concurrently raising funds on other Equity Crowdfunding platforms.

The company must have a paid-up capital of NOT more than RM10,000,000.

The company must submit all necessary documentations requested by Ethis for the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and Onboarding process.

The company together with any of its subsidiaries must NOT be public-listed companies.

The funds raised must NOT be for the purpose of providing other financing or investment to other companies.

For companies seeking to raise funds above RM500,000, it is compulsory to have an audited financial report submitted to Ethis Malaysia.

The company is expected to NOT exceed the maximum lifetime limit of funds raised via all Equity Crowdfunding platforms which is set at RM20,000,000 cumulatively excluding the company's own capital contribution or any funding obtained through a private placement exercise.

For Malaysia to continue to be a leading economy in the Muslim world and maintain its position as the top Islamic finance country, it must embrace and rapidly adopt Islamic Fintech.

– Datuk Mohd Radzif, Ethis Group Chairman OF ADVISORS

An Equity Crowdfunding Campaign does more than raising funds. It builds the community around your products and services.

What can I get Ethis Malaysia to fund?

Ethis Malaysia is a platform built specifically to raise equity capital (Musharakah: Risk and profit sharing) for businesses such as start-ups, SMEs, franchises or social enterprises. Ethis Malaysia currently focuses on Socially Impactful Businesses, Agriculture, Property and Waqf projects.

Who can I get pledges or funds from?

Ethis has a strong worldwide network of investors. As you may know, support always begin with people you know so it is advisable to get the earliest support from your fans especially your friends, family and the community around you. They are your biggest resources to spread the word about your project.

How do I get answers if I have questions?

You could have answers to your questions by reaching out through this contact form. We also recommend you to have a look at our FAQs for more information.

The unique value of crowdfunding is not money, it’s community.


Why Ethis?

A Trustworthy Shariah-compliant Equity Crowdfunding Platform in Malaysia

Ethis Malaysia, which is part of Ethis Group, is a Recognized Market Operator (RMO) approved under Securities Commission Malaysia to carry out Equity Crowdfunding business activities globally to help micro, small and medium enterprises in Malaysia. Ethis focuses on socially impactful verticals which includes Property, Business, Agriculture and Waqf Assets, and is advised by Securities Commission Malaysia’s registered Shariah Advisors.

Reputable Coverage and Impressive Track Record

Our sister organization Ethis Indonesia has facilitated more than 1400 investments with estimated project value worth $133.4 million. Ethis Malaysia is following the successful footsteps of Ethis Indonesia by doing its business in Malaysia. The dynamic team members in Malaysia gels effectively together with its counterparts all across the world.

Our team and community want to support you

Helping to create a business from an idea into execution is always exciting. People love being a part of something successful while indirectly supporting the development process. In fact, investors from over 50 countries have pledged more than RM30 million to bring projects listed by Ethis to life over the years.

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