Impact Fundraise Accelerator Track

IFAT Malaysia Cohort 2 is now open for registration


A strategic initiative to source and discover micro SME /startups and ventures that are suitable with ETHIS Malaysia Offerings. A seven weeks program that aims to groom companies to be more investible especially in the Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) landscape which will be held fully virtually starting from the first week of October until the second week of November. This program is dedicated to those business owners that meet Securities Commission (SC) issuance guidelines.

A strategic initiative to source and discover micro SME /startups and ventures that are suitable with ETHIS Offerings. A seven weeks program that aims to groom companies to be more investible especially in the Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) landscape.

IFAT Malaysia Cohort will be held fully virtually starting from the first week of October until the second week of November for the year 2022. This program is dedicated to those business owners that meet Securities Comission Malaysia (SC) issuance guidelines.

Coming Soon, IFAT Global Cohort 1 will be held early 2023 that is dedicated to international companies.

Application Countdown


Program Criteria: IFAT MY

  • 30 – 40 of selected applicants
  • 7 weeks curated programs
  • Ranging from MSMEs, Startups that meets the Securities Comission Malaysia (SC) prerequisite in Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) landscape
  • Applicants businesses must be Malaysian incorporated companies
    • Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd)
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)



Fireside Chats

Exclusive 1 on 1 sessions

Demo Day

IFAT Objective

  • Know how to fundraise
  • Make your business investible
  • Build critical business documents
  • Learn from today’s influential business leaders through knowledge-sharing sessions

ETHIS Verticals

MSME, SME, Startups

“Tomorrow Tech” and future trends

Circular & Halal Economy

Sustainability, impact-driven and ancillary product

Agri Tech & Agriculture

Tech-centric approach for food security focus via AI, IOT and Big Data


Social housing

IFAT Cohort 1 Alumni

Program Phases

Phase 1

Pre-event of IFAT program includes marketing promotion through social media and digital engagement to reach out to the applicants. In this phase, the registration will open starting early August until the end of September 2022.

The screening process to select the participants will start immediately after the registration closes.

Phase 2

Applicants will be equipped with equity crowdfunding best practices and will discover how to pitch their ideas to attract investors and partners. Throughout seven weeks of the IFAT program, they will need to attend:

  • Webinars

A weekly session on different topics to provide founders with insightful information to scale up their businesses. All the webinar speakers will consist of qualified experts from the related fields.

  • One on One Sessions with mentors

Applicants are given the opportunity to have a private discussion with their preferred mentor.

  • Fireside Chats

A chill interactive session with the guest speaker where applicants are able to ask anything related to business.

  • Demo Day

The day for all applicants to be evaluated based on their business pitch to all panelists. This session will have a Q & A session.

Warm Up

Participants will be exposed to the fundamentals of crowdfunding and fintech as well as how it can help businesses scale in this era of digitalization.

Shariah Compliance 

Participants will learn about the basic foundation of Shariah compliance and how it relates to creating an impactful business.

Business Analysis

Participants will learn about the ins and outs of the documentation process required to run an equity crowdfunding campaign, and to formulate the structure of the deal. In this week, participants will gain insightful knowledge on how to position their deal in order to make it attractive to the investors.


Participants will learn the importance of agreement contracts and legal matters relating to business conduct and operations. 

Campaign Launch + Marketing

Participants will be coached and mentored in gearing up to be investable and the necessary proceedings in preparation for fundraising via crowdfunding. In this week, participants will also learn to curate the pitch deck as well as learn to understand a deal from an investor’s point of view.

Crowdfunding Strategy + Demo Day Prep

Participants will be coached on the important aspects that make investors attracted to the business pitch followed by demo day preparation.

Demo Day + Closing Ceremony

Participants will be evaluated by all panelists for their respective business pitch. Also, participants will graduate from the IFAT 2022 program after fulfilling all the requirements.  

Phase 3


Feedback from applicants

We want to make sure participants achieve the desired results and outcome as best possible. There will be planned alumni engagement for business owners and be part of ETHIS community for future opportunities and engagements.


Collaboration Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

ETHIS Malaysia’s Impact Fundraise Accelerator Track (IFAT) is a strategic initiative to source and discover micro SMEs/startups and ventures that are suitable with ETHIS Malaysia offerings. A seven-week program that aims to groom companies to be more investible, especially in the equity crowdfunding (ECF) landscape, which will be held fully virtually starting from the first week of October until the third week of November. This program is dedicated to business owners that meet the Securities Comission Malaysia (SC) issuance guidelines (Only applicable for Malaysian companies).

The programme is aimed at helping startups reach their best capabilities in a short period. With the help of today’s influential leaders, participants will get to expand their knowledge of business and finance, which will be highly beneficial for their companies’ growth. Other than that, participants will be exposed to the creation of critical business investment documents such as an investor pitch deck, business plans, financial forecasts, and sales and marketing strategies. Lastly, this will be a great opportunity for participants to expand their social network, show potential investors why they are investable, and hopefully be able to raise capital for their businesses.

The main idea of IFAT is to groom issuers to become investable via crowdfunding. Throughout the entire program, we will be teaching participants how to create business proposals, a pitch deck, along with all the other necessary documents required to raise funds. Most importantly, it is a 7-weeks program, which is considerably shorter in duration compared to other programs that take months.

The programme will be held for 7 weeks.
IFAT Malaysia, commencing from the 1st week of October until the 3rd week of November.
IFAT Global, commencing early year of 2023

IFAT Malaysia Cohort 2: registration starts in August 2022.

IFAT Malaysia Cohort 2: You will receive a notification from us by early September 2022.

We welcome all start-ups to join the programme for the experience, regardless of the growth or stage of the company. However, we do have a preference. For instance, the program is ideally suited more towards entrepreneurs with start-ups that have operated for under 3 years with the following characteristics:

  • An established product-market-fit with a target market
  • Launched a product with some traction
  • Have a business model that has the potential to be highly scalable
  • Have a team with diverse skill sets among 2 to 3 team members who are at least 18 years old, and must consist of at least 1 founder or co-founder
  • An innovative idea is preferred compared to any existing solutions in the market

As for the IFAT Malaysia, 2nd cohort, your business needs to be a Malaysian incorporated company:

  • Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

No, no start-ups are too early for IFAT. As long as your company meets our criteria for raising funds, then you will be good to go!

Yes, we strongly recommend participants to be involved in all of the webinars, mentoring sessions, and fireside chats with mentors to maximize the experience. A participant is expected to commit to 3-5 hours every week.

No, as long as the participant is able to commit 3-5 hours per week.

Yes, you are allowed to do so. However, we would not recommend doing this, as participating in 2 accelerator programs at the same time would be rather time-consuming and would divide your focus. We believe you will be able to maximize your time by committing to one accelerator program at a time.

Great ! You can register through our website here.

Yes, definitely. We will open our IFAT Global Series tentatively in early 2023. You can register your interest here!

Existing IFAT Malaysia

  • For Malaysian Incorporated Companies
  • Commence on October 2022
  • Registration starts in August 2022

IFAT Global Series

  • For international companies
  • Commence in early year 2023
  • Early registration starts in August 2022

Fret not! Unsuccessful applicants will be given the opportunity to join our advisory services, a customisable hand-holding service to prepare your business towards solidifying your future fundraising campaign.

Besides, IFAT will be held annually, so you will have another opportunity to join us in the year to come. It’s definitely not the end of the day.

It is understandable to have concerns over this. Rest assured, all applicants will receive an NDA document in advance as a confirmation that we will not violate any of the agreements listed in the NDA.

The fee is RM 500.
Also, participants will be enjoying:

  • Discounted fundraising fee
  • Special rate for successful raising campaign

You may reach out to us via our email, ethismy@ethis.co

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