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What sets us apart

Shariah Compliant

We subscribe & adhere to the principles of Islamic finance & the spirit of shariah which is; justice, transparency, fairness, equality and impact.

Social Benefit

Our aim is to generate financial inclusivity through creating attainable & equal opportunities.

High Return

Our campaigns typically yield over 10% in returns.

Proof of Concept

We have established experience in P2P through five years of crowdfunding in Indonesia.


Malaysia stands as a hub for Islamic Finance in Southeast Asia with a sizeable presence of SME’s and entrepreneurs

Our Process

As an Entrepreneur

1. Review the given criteria.
2. Register on our platform.
3. Get notified when the campaign is approved.

As an Investor

1. Review then select your preferred company and make your investment.
2. Keep track of your investment progress and performance through updates on your dashboard.
3. Get notified when the profit is realized

Register Interest

Register Interest


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