Bringing Together Investors and Entrepreneurs

Start your investment journey with Malaysia’s first Shariah-compliant Equity Crowdfunding platform

Bringing Together Investors and Entrepreneurs
Start your investment journey with Malaysia’s first Shariah-compliant Equity Crowdfunding platform
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What Sets Us Apart


With Equity Crowdfunding you have the opportunity to participate in investments that were previously perhaps not available to normal investors.


We adhere to the principles of Shariah-compliant finance which essentially focuses on the ethics of transparency and justice in our dealings.


Malaysia is the ideal base - a leading Shariah-compliant economy hub and the top Sukuk market with world-leading capital market infrastructure and regulations.

Economic Boost

By providing SMEs easier access to capital, Equity Crowdfunding stimulates the Malaysian economy by new business formation and strengthening the existing ones.

Proof of Concept

Being one of the pioneers of Shariah-compliant crowdfunding, we have substantial experience and knowledge gained through our other platforms.

Social Benefit

We aim to prioritise deals which have a social impact so that the community can enjoy the benefits of your investment.

The Process

As an Investor

1. Register your details to set up your investor account. Login to access your dashboard.
2. Browse and review available deals. Select your preferred deal to invest in.
3. Invest online and transfer funds to the trustee account.
4. E-sign and receive your agreement.
5. Receive periodic updates on your investment and where applicable, exit your investment and get your return.

As an Entrepreneur

1. Review the given criteria.
2. Register on our platform.
3. Get notified when the campaign is approved.

Focus Verticals


Open up investment access to property development opportunities to earn developer-like returns. Discounted purchase of income-generating assets.


Potential for good returns over short redemption periods. Social impact focused and enabled.


Microfinance at the farm cluster level to give stable returns over time. Access to investment providing funding to larger producers for export and trading.

Waqf Assets

There are about 10,000ha of waqf in 2017 (JAWHAR) but not all productive. Looking at monetising dormant waqf assets creating a virtuos cycle of returns and impact. Cash waqf will be explored.


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