Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition


Due Diligence Criteria

Ethis Dubai will undertake the following due diligence for each project:

Undertake full due diligence with regards to technical monitoring of projects including; budget,  completion status, milestones and material documents related to land ownership such as titles, construction and key contractor contracts.

Analyse audit reports submitted to Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in Dubai for the project escrow account, including reports in relation to receivables flow, application of funds to the project, buyer receivables payment plans and full project budget and variation orders.

The Company obtains project milestone certificate duly provided by the Dubai Land Department/ independent engineering firm from developers. On the basis of this certificate, Ethis Dubai assesses the project percentage of completion and funds the required amount to complete the project.

Obtain an independent evaluators report on the project assets, including any unsold inventory for the project.


Project Security & Collateral

The security and collateral may differ from project to project which the investors will be advised accordingly through the project’s fact sheet.

The Company obtains first degree and unencumbered mortgage OR block through Dubai Lands Departments (DLD). Our mortgage OR block shall be on unsold individual units in the same project being financed.

Assignment of project account proceeds in relation to which the following shall be paid after completion: Receivables from unsold units; final unit buyer instalments for each unit contract; and sales of completed units.

Assignment of all project receivables for the repayment of facility to the extent of financing provided.


Risk Management

The risk management philosophy of Ethis Dubai is to identify, capture, monitor and manage the various dimensions of risk with the objective of protecting asset values and income streams so that the interests of all relevant stakeholders are safeguarded, while the returns are maximized.

Objectives of the risk management framework:

Enable the BoD and senior management to effectively manage and communicate their tolerance for the various types of risk within the Company as well as changes in their appetite for those risks.

Instill an integrated and disciplined approach to risk in all staff. This ensures that all exposures are covered and clear risk control and  management responsibilities exist.

Satisfy investors and regulatory requirements through compliance with best practices in risk management and controls in order to achieve efficient operations.

Risk Statement: Ethis Dubai does not provide any investment advice. All information is provided to help you make your own informed decisions. You must rely on your own due diligence before investing in any of our projects.  If in doubt, please seek the advice of an independent financial advisor.