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Jakarta, Indonesia
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    12-15 months

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    SGD $230,790.00

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12%-16% Projected Return Based on Profit Sharing
12-15 months Duration
SGD 800 Minimum Investment


1. Help boost Indonesia’s Economy

The TCT project will be at the epicentre of Indonesia’s exponential growth, leveraging on the ever-increasing demand for TCT facilities by the maritime industry. The government has reduced the containers’ dwelling time, resulting in higher demand for temporary space.

2. Profitable Project with Low Risks

The profits this infrastructure is generating are on a rent-basis. Being the largest and busiest port in Indonesia, there will be tremendous demand for container space on a rental basis. The expected return to investors are expected to be in the higher range.

3. Project is right on track

PT A3 forecasted a time frame of 3 months to cater for any delay in the issuance of their operating licence. The project is now on schedule as PT A3 has already received their licence on April as expected. They are right on track in completing the project within the time range scheduled.

4. Main risk is Currency Exchange Risk

Investors will lock-in a fixed-exchange rate in their chosen currency at the start of the investment and will also receive their payout at initial fixed rate. They do not have to worry about the fluctuations of the Indonesian Rupiah.

PT Adi Ageng Abadi (PT A3) is an indonesian company taking over a Temporary Container Terminal (TCT) located in Tanjung Priok, Indonesia’s largest port, in a highly strategic location. The takeover comes after the previous operator PT DMK, a large company operating for more than a decade, closed down due to internal problems.

This project comes at a strategic time, where the demand for TCT facilities has significantly increased due to a new regulation to lower the dwelling time of containers at the main port from 8 days to only 4.5 days, therefore forcing businesses to look for second layer container terminals.

A private investor has already invested Singapore Dollar (SGD) 125,000 into this project in order to secure the contract and make other necessary payments. PT Ethis Indo Asia* is a minority shareholder and financial controller for PT A3.

All SGD figures above are converted from IDR at a rate of SGD1 = IDR9,100.

*PT Ethis Indo Asia (PT Ethis) is an Indonesian associate company of Ethis Pte Ltd (Singapore). It is licensed in Indonesia as a real estate developer, contractor, investor and broker. It develops real estate, and also handles project and financial management of projects in Indonesia with its circle of strategic local partners. 

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Get exclusive returns on your investment by investing amounts greater than SGD 350,000

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Risk Statement

The campaign duration is projected by the project owners, and based on information we receive from them. The actual completion of projects is subject to real world conditions, which may cause an extension of duration by 2 to 12 months. Any extensions will be informed to investors in projects updates. In the event of project or business failure in property projects in particular, a recovery process may be initiated to recover some or all of the capital invested.