Pesona Prima Cikahuripan 2

Bogor, West Jakarta
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Raised :
    Retail investors: Base ROI
    Silver investors: 1% higher ROI
    Gold & Platinum investors:
    Higher exclusive return
  • Projected Return

    11 - 13%

  • Duration

    11-12 months

  • Maximum Total Investment

  • Minimum Total Investment

  • Goal

    SGD $218,542.00

  • Raised

    SGD $253,813.10

  • Time Remaining

    0 day(s) to go

This campaign is fully funded.

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Bogor, West Jakarta
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This project will provide 175 families with houses which they will fully own at the end of the project. 


A strategic location which is set in one of the fastest growing areas in Bogor, West Java.


A reputable project developer owning the land and the equipment, and ensuring the project performs efficiently.


The investment is backed by assets worth 150% above the crowdfunding amount. This will protect the investor’s principal.


This project provides the investors with returns higher than the market reaching up to 11% – 13% in 11- 12 months time.

Retail Investors

Become a retail investor by investing between SGD 3,000 and SGD 20,000

Silver Investor

Earn a 1% higher projected returns by investing between SGD 20,000 and SGD 100,000

Gold Investors

Earn higher returns on your investment by investing between SGD 100,000 and SGD 350,000

Platinum Investors

Get exclusive returns on your investment by investing amounts greater than SGD 350,000

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PT. Kreasi Prima Nusantara (PT KPN)

PT KPN’s focus has been on the development of affordable and subsidized housing estates. Since their inception in 2008, the regions of Bogor and Bandung has been their main area of operation. This gives the company the experience needed to carry on projects in these two areas with complete familiarity leading to greater efficiency. Please refer to the project developer’s track record below.

Reputable and Credible Project Partner

PT Kreasi Prima Nusantara (PT KPN) is led by the CEO and founder Mr. Hadiana. The team is comprised of experienced engineers and architects. The company is well known in Bogor region for their continued development project.


Supported by


asosiasi properti syariah indonesia

PT KPN is also registered as a member of the APSI, a property developer association. This membership provides the company with credibility from an industry perspective as property associations have very rigid criteria for the maintenance of membership.

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*Retail Investors : 11%
*Silver Investors: 12%
*Gold & Platinum Investors: Please get in touch with our investor relations team to get exclusive returns on your Investment

Risk Statement

The campaign duration is projected by the project owners, and based on information we receive from them. The actual completion of projects is subject to real world conditions, which may cause an extension of duration by 2 to 12 months. Any extensions will be informed to investors in projects updates. In the event of project or business failure in property projects in particular, a recovery process may be initiated to recover some or all of the capital invested.