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  • PT Meta Bakti Mandiri (“MetaBakti”) is the main contractor for the construction of the PT Delameta Bilano (“Delameta”) factory in Purwakarta. The first work order received by PT Meta is to work on the land clearing phase.
  • As part of the land clearing phase, Metabakti requires financing for the measurement work, rental of 10 heavy equipments and the construction of a temporary office.
  • Investors will contribute to the required working capital to support the project undertaken by Metabakti to complete the work order from Delameta.

PT Metabakti Mandiri

PT Metabakti is a general contractor and developer company that provides services for plumbing, gas, energy and electricity at construction sites.

PT Metabakti relies on its in-house architects, contractors, engineers and technical consultants to provide top class services. This ensures Metabakti is always trusted by reputable clients such as Delmeta.

Delameta Bilano

Private Indonesian company Delameta has extensive experience as a producer of control system technology in transportation payment in Indonesia for 31 years.

Established in 1990, East Jakarta-based PT. Delameta Bilano is engaged in the fields of industrial engineering, engineering micro control systems, communications, and electronics and trade.

Delameta’s success is evident by its management of more than 60% of the toll road concession in Indonesia. According to Bank Indonesia (BI), Delameta also owns the payment gateway permission to maintain and support each and every transaction within the transportation sector in the country.

Reza Rizki Handaru
  • Director of PT Metabakti Mandiri
  • Reza graduated with an economics degree from a well-known private university in Indonesia.
  • He started his career in the financial services industry, and it’s from there that he built many connections among large companies in Indonesia.
  • Those connections included some of his friends who are experts in the field of construction; this eventually led him to become the director for Metabkati.
  • A personal guarantee from the Director of Metabakti
  • Access to Metabakti’s bank account
  • Direct payment from the working orderer/ paymaster to Ethis


Investments made in other currencies will be converted to Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) for project use. Investors may incur fx (currency) losses if there is a depreciation in the IDR to their own currency.

Mitigation Measure:

There is no fx guarantee or currency hedging done for investors. A higher projected ROI has been agreed upon with the project company to account for this.


Due to weather factors, there is a risk of the work being hampered,  which could then delay the payment.

Mitigation Measure:

  • Ethis has added a one month buffer to the project tenor
  • This project is offered by an Ethis affiliate agent, who will help monitor Delameta as the work orderer for the payment process.
Investors will appoint PT SMB to enter into a Musharakah partnership with Metabakti. The purpose of this Musharakah partnership is to allow Metabakti to receive funding necessary for the accomplishment of the work order from Delameta.

Metabakti will issue the invoice to Delameta after the work order is completed. According to the agreement, Delameta will make the payment directly to Ethis.

Upon receiving the payment, Ethis will split and disburse the capital and profit (if any) to the investors and Metabakti, and the Musharakah partnership will be dissolved.


This investment opportunity is based on a
first come first serve basis. Your investment is secured only after your transfer-proof has been received. A pledge is merely an interest to invest and does not guarantee you a slot in this investment.


This campaign facts and the content herein do not constitute as any financial advice, or solicitation for the purposes of making financial investments in Indonesia or other territories. Ethis.co is a platform specialising in the match-making of opportunities to those who register themselves as members on the Ethis platform. With regards to these opportunities, the need and onus to do due diligence lies squarely with our members as we do not profess to advise on the same. All dealings and transactions are directly with the businesses, project owners or authorised agents we refer to our members.


In the event of non-performance or default by the project owner, Ethis will initiate a recovery process and handle the initial administrative steps. Should there be a need to pursue further action, investors will need to agree to and bear any additional costs incurred.

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