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  • In Indonesia, there are many cases of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (“LPG”) cylinder explosions, especially for 3kg subsidised cylinders due to the current practice of manual monitoring and supervision, that has left many of these cylinders unmaintained and unchecked.
  • One organization aims to change this reality. PT Dahana Wahana Sejahtera (“DWS”), through its software called GAVAN that provides solutions to help large companies run their businesses more efficiently and safely.
  • Recently, DWS had received a work order from PT Pertamina Gas (“PERTAGAS”), a company engaged in the midstream and downstream sectors of the Indonesian gas industry, to facilitate GAVAN within its LPG cylinder maintenance systems in three LPG Bulk Filling and Transportation Stations ("SPPBEs") in Jakarta and West Java.
  • Owned by PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN) and PT Pertamina (Persero), PERTAGAS plays a role in gas trading, gas transportation, gas processing and gas distribution, and are involved in other businesses related to natural gas and its derivative products.
  • PERTAGAS will use GAVAN's technology to monitor the maintenance process for the 3kg subsidized LPG cylinders. GAVAN uses barcodes, to allow the surveillance of the cylinders.
  • This is the second order from PERTAGAS that involves the digitization of its system. Previously, DWS had successfully digitized two of its SPPBEs, and there is potential for more recurring orders until all of the SPPBEs in Indonesia are digitized.
  • To complete this project, DWS requires financing for its IT system production, material procurement and operational cost to complete the work order received from PERTAGAS.
Gavan Logo

PT Global Telematika Utama

Founded in 2019, PT Dahana Wahana Sejahtera focuses on the procurement of goods for large companies and the government of Indonesia. Most of the procured goods are in the fields of electronics, IT hardware and software.

Their in-house technology called GAVAN Software House was created by software developers who understood the features and benefits of agile software development, particularly how it could transform a company’s efficiency.

GAVAN excels in the management of battle-tested technologies such as: Container base solutions, Microservice, Spring Boot, React, Angular, Vue.js, iOS, and Android.


Pertamina Gas is an Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas corporation based in Jakarta and is part of PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), the largest national company in the natural gas transportation and distribution segment, a crucial player in the domestic natural gas scene.

Pertamina manages gas trading, gas transportation, gas process and gas distribution and is heavily involved with other businesses that are related with natural gas and their inheritance products. In 2013, Pertamina was ranked the second-largest crude oil producer in Indonesia behind the US-based Chevron Pacific Indonesia.

GAVAN currently provides solutions to improve the monitoring system to assure that all existing processes improves the security and safety of customers. With the LPG subsidized Cylinder Maintenance System, the process of moving gas cylinders from/and to SPPBEs (LPG Bulk Filling and Transportation Stations) can be properly integrated, tracked and monitored.

  • Director Of PT Dahana Wahana Sejahtera (“DWS”)
  • Mr. Dandy has more than 12 years of experience in the IT Development industry.
  • He also has experience working as the Head of Operations in the LPG Retester (a maintenance repair workshop for 3KG LPG cylinders).
  • A personal guarantee letter from the Director of DWS
  • Access to DWS’ bank account with a post dated cheque


Investments made in other currencies will be converted to Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) for project use. Investors may incur fx (currency) losses if there is a depreciation in the IDR to their own currency. 

Mitigation Measure:

There is no fx guarantee or currency hedging done for investors. A higher projected ROI has been agreed upon with the project company to account for this. 


The implementation of the GAVAN technology in the LPG Bulk Filling and Transportation Stations must first go through an acceptance test to evaluate its functionality. There is a risk that the testing process will be longer than the initial timeline.

Mitigation Measure:

Ethis has added a one-month buffer to the campaign timeline, thus giving the campaign a total tenure of four months.

Investors will appoint PT SMB to enter into a Musharakah partnership with DWS. The purpose of this Musharakah partnership is to allow DWS to receive funding necessary for the accomplishment of the work order from PERTAGAS.

DWS will issue the invoice to PERTAGAS after the order is completed. PERTAGAS will make payment to DWS’ bank account, to which Ethis have full access.

Upon receiving the payment, DOT will pay the investors their capital and profit (if any) and the Musharakah partnership will be dissolved.


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In the event of non-performance or default by the project owner, Ethis will initiate a recovery process and handle the initial administrative steps. Should there be a need to pursue further action, investors will need to agree to and bear any additional costs incurred.

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