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Shahrul Idzham
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About GlobalSadaqah

Established in 2018, GlobalSadaqah has been actively involved with managing and disbursing Islamic social finance funds across the charity ecosystem. As it delved deeper into the social activities of Islamic Economy, it became clear that there was a huge amount of Islamic charity being donated, yet the impact on the Muslim communities is so low in comparison and they remain the poorest and most needy globally. GlobalSadaqah was born with a mission to give a solution to this problem by being transparent in the usage of funds, impact tracking and timely updates.

Since its inception in 2018, GlobalSadaqah has been providing high-tech solutions for corporates, financial institutions, charitable organizations, and other government entities involved and are the nucleus of the Islamic Social Finance ecosystem, providing CSR, Zakat, and Purification Fund management services for Corporates as well as Wealth Management and Estate Planning Services for High-Net-Worth Individuals.

GlobalSadaqah is one of the first platforms in Malaysia to have established a reputable gateway which the donors can trust to take their money directly to those in need on the ground through our reputable and verified partners with a focus on maximizing direct impact and long term sustainability for the beneficiaries. GlobalSadaqah creates social impact by bringing together a multitude of stakeholders such as individual and institutional donors, corporates, international humanitarian and development agencies, religious authorities, and governments.

The Market Situation - Islamic Social Finance Opportunity

The Problem:

  • Underserved Market - There are few platforms with expertise in Islamic charity nuances, culture and behaviours. High Net-Worth (HNW) charity is rarely served by their financial advisors. 
  • Huge Volume of Funds - Global Zakat is estimated to be between $230bn and $560bn every year. Only 2-3 per cent of this market is sufficiently served.
  • Demand for Transparency - The global charity system faces increasing pressure to be transparent in its operations. Respondents rank their trust in charities as 5.5/10.

The Solution: GlobalSadaqah (GS)

One of the world’s leading online Sadaqah, Zakat and Waqf platform, providing the easiest and most effective way to give Islamic Charity. Enabling Zakat eligible campaigns, dollar-for-dollar matching by Corporate Donors, tracking update and impact with trusted and reputable charity partners. GlobalSadaqah brings positive market pressure by ensuring the highest level of transparency and accountability to our donation process by implementing its 3T Values (Trust, Transparency, and Time Efficiency):

  • Trust - GS apply a thorough screening process to verify its charity partners. They also advise on program and project implementation.
  • Transparency - Impact tracking is provided through donor dashboards and regular updates on the progress and outcome of the campaigns.
  • Time Efficiency - By matching corporates, donors and charities on a single platform with dynamic content, GS provide a fast and easy process of giving.

Management Team

Umar Munshi

A social entrepreneur since 18, with experiences in health-tech, Islamic finance and education that brought him from Singapore to Saudi, a long stint in Indonesia in a partnership with Ronald, and now Kuala Lumpur. Umar is well-connected to the fintech world, as the Chairman of the Islamic Fintech Alliance and a committee member of Fintech Association Malaysia.

Mohammed Alim
Co-founder and CPO

Master’s degree holder in Development Management from University of Torino, Italy, jointly offered with the ILO, United Nations, and a Bachelor’s Honors degree in Agri-business from Aberystwyth University, UK. Multi-talented, skilled in Project Management, User Interface Development, User Experience Design, and Data Analytics.

Ifran Tarmizi
Country Manager

Ifran has over a decade of experience in various organisations within the financial services industry. Prior to joining GlobalSadaqah, he was heading a Non-Governmental Organisation involved in education and social welfare.

Mohammad Zahid
Business Development Head

Mohammad Zahid has an analytical mind and a self-motivated team player with nearly 7 years experience in leading and managing projects. With a background in Engineering, IT and classical Islamic studies, Zahid is  keen to bring the best of both disciplines in developing and enhancing the digital economy to benefit the community. Zahid is also a proactive team leader.

Path to Success

Current Services (Launched 2018 – 2020)

  • Retail Islamic Social Finance Crowdfunding
  • Corporate and Individual Zakat
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Tainted Funds from Islamic finance firms

Upcoming Services (2020 – 2022)

  • Sustainable Charity Programme
  • E-drafting of Wasiyah (Wills)
  • Waqf Projects and Rejuvenation Programs
  • FaaS - Foundation as a service

Unique Selling Point (USP)

GlobalSadaqah is on its path to becoming a one-stop solution provider and the nucleus of the Islamic Social Finance ecosystem. What makes GlobalSadaqah unique is its expanding range of services in the arena of Islamic Social Finance ranging from retail crowdfunding, zakat management for High Net Worth Individuals, wasiyyah and inheritance management, qard hasan microfinance program for B40, CSR and tainted funds solutions for Financial Institutions, and enhancing zakat collection for state zakat bodies among other developing services.

Its latest Sustainable Charity Program (Qard Hasan) further gives it an edge over all its competitors. This program champions financial inclusion, sustainability and female empowerment. This program matches financial institutions having CSR funds with verified beneficiaries to give them loans that are paid back in good faith without further penalties or interest charged on it. The same returned funds can now be used to help other beneficiaries in a domino effect.

Use of Funds

Funds raised will be used to further fuel GlobalSadaqah’s growth and invest in the development of their upcoming services.


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