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Akramul Hasan
KL, Malaysia
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Project Pitch

In conversation with Mr. Azhar Othman, the owner of ‘G Environment Energy Solutions (Malaysia)’.

Campaign Highlights

  • IPO roadmap: GENES has a track record of achieving clear milestones as evident by their more than 20 years worth of industrial expertise in the energy supply business as well as their excellent partner and client base. GENES projects to achieve profitability in year 3, which will be the springboard to a future IPO. In the next five years leading up to the IPO, GENES hopes to hit some of these key areas of growth which include securing an ESCO certification, generating more than US$10 million in sales, and obtaining a solar installer/developer license.

The Road to IPO

  • High potential for growth: The management is confident of scaling the business fast with their current pipeline of clients and partners. Upon year five, the company projects a 5x growth to its original value, which translates to RM208 million.
  • Solid tech and business model: Their energy efficiency intelligence platform GAEDKeeper provides energy audit and advisory service and aims to drive sustainability and economic efficiency in one marketplace. This is the platform’s maiden entry into the Malaysian market, giving them the exclusive rights to pick and choose businesses to provide service to their platform.
  • Proven track record in other countries: The business is strongly supported by a group of affiliate companies that through their services and capabilities cover significant components of the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. Their affiliate Enercon, a power generation solutions provider, has exported to 20 countries with more than 25 years of experience in the energy industry as a power system integrator. While another affiliate, Zaffra Solar has serviced notable clients such as Air Asia, Indonesia Ferry Properties, and the Muslimin Trust Fund Association across Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.
  • Dividend plan: GENES is targeting to offer 15% out of realized net profits by the company to their shareholders, starting from the third year of operations.
  • The Team: The common and main shareholder of the three entities, Mr Azhar Othman, is a reputable businessman and is a known expert in this field and was recently reappointed as the Vice President of Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI). He is also a council member of the Malaysia Singapore Business Council. The GENES management team is also well-experienced, with 20 years of collective experience in the power industry. They now plan to expand aggressively beyond Singapore and into Malaysia.
  • Exit Strategy: GENES is determined to go IPO. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, they are confident to scale the business fast and be ready for an IPO in year 5 with a clear roadmap and a promising vision. Investors coming in this round may choose to exit this investment once the company goes IPO and enjoy the benefits of capital appreciation due to higher valuation at the time of public offering.

About G Environment & Energy Solutions
Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GENES)

GENES seeks to create a better world by reducing energy costs and by minimizing the negative impact on our environment.

Through the combination of its expertise in technology, power generation, and renewable energy, GENES creates an ecosystem of global clients and energy solution providers that offers custom-designed energy management and distribution systems, as they hope to empower people with innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

Thanks to Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, their platform can combine alternative energy source products, energy management, and audit advisory services. GENES works in affiliation with GAED, Zaffra Solar, and Enercon through its common shareholder – Mr. Azhar Othman.


Assessment & Advisory Services – Established in 2018, GAED is the expert behind the energy intelligence platform, using AI and blockchain technology to provide energy efficiency reports and solutions within a minute. GAED aims to drive sustainability and economic efficiency in energy consumption through its integrated energy turn-key solutions services.

Zaffra Solar

Renewable Energy Specialist – Founded in 2016, Zaffra delivers efficient renewable energy solutions through its integrated service that covers all technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects, including commissioning and monitoring the performance of the solar power solutions.


Power Generation Solutions – Established in 1994, Enercon has about 25 years of experience in the energy industry as a power system integrator providing power control solutions to power system companies around Asia.

Enercon offers a holistic energy and power control solution, ranging from custom design and supply power generation controls to switchgear solutions. Enercon has exported its offerings to 20 countries.

Product Highlight

Using AI solutions and blockchain technology, GENES provides accurate, unbiased analysis based on the power generation data inputs by its clients. This process allows it to ensure that data collection is auditable and transparent.

GAEDKeeper, its intelligence platform, provides an application program with an advanced data analytics framework for renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings.

Market Situation

Global electricity usage has been steadily increasing throughout the years. Yet, even with government interventions and new infrastructure in place, the rising demand and wastage of electricity remain a problem.

The Problem:

  • Wastage of energy consumption leading to billion dollars of losses
  • The increasing demand leading to a rise in utility costs
  • A fragmented market leading to confusion with no central point of information
  • Environmental pollution from traditional power plants and inefficient equipment used
  • The annual loss of US$1 billion per country because of energy wastage and losses contributing to climate change

The Solution: GENES

  • Auditable and Transparent: They use blockchain and AI technology to make data collection auditable and transparent.
  • Fast Analysis Report: They produce multiple reports within minutes compared to traditional methods which take weeks.
  • Easy Identification of Anomalies: From their reports, they can identify areas of anomaly and recommend an action plan to address the energy efficiency.
  • Best Fit Solutions: They combine energy conservation measures with guaranteed savings and fully financed solutions.
  • Market size potential: The total world energy efficiency market is $300 billion and the total renewable energy market is worth $1 trillion.
  • Experienced leadership: The management team is well-experienced, 20 years collectively in the power industry where they started in Singapore and now are expanding into Malaysia.


  • US$35 million is forecasted as gross revenue from 2021-2024
  • Forecast per month: reducing a total of 700 metric ton of carbon emission
  • Average user savings per deal: US$10,000
  • Serve about 40 industrial and commercial buildings
  • Operations: Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia
  • To implement a total of 10 RE/EE projects

Management Team

Azhar Othman

20 years experience in the energy industry. CEO and Founder of GAEDKeeper.

Ankur Maheshwari

He is the CTO, Founder of Blaze Protocol, Gear Bubble and advisor to blockchain projects.

Roland Lim

He is the COO and Co-Founder with 15 years of experience in engineering.

Ho Chii Wen

He is the CFO, a Chartered Accountant with 25 years of experience in MNC Finance and Strategy.

Rahim Tahir

Business Development with 25 years of experience in regional management.

Market Size

The total world energy efficiency market is $300 billion and the total renewable energy market is worth $1 trillion. 

What sets GENES apart

Existing Customers

Some of their prominent customers include Air Asia, AEON, Masjid Darul Ghufan, Muslimin Trust Fund Association, Assyafaah, Masjid An-Nur, IPC Corporate University, BP Batam, Hop Lun, and Indonesia Ferry Property.

GENES has customers in the following sectors:

  • Retail
  • Maritime
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Residential
  • Manufacturing

“The team from GENES analyzed our Darul Ihsan – Home for the Orphanage building. They obtained the data from our personnel and provided a report of the losses and savings expected. They then lead the implementation of the renewable energy solutions to help us reduce our monthly cost of operation.” – Muslim Trust Fund Association

Use of Funds

Funds will be used for platform enhancements, marketing efforts, research & development and to drive recruitment.

Sample Limited Liable Partnership (LLP) agreement can be viewed here.

Investment Incentives

Offer - Valid till 3rd of Sept 2021




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RM 100,000


extra shares


RM 100,000


extra shares


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