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PT Titan Abadi Pratama  (PT TAP)

Bela Negara Tugu Regency (BNTR) is a project located in Sukabumi, West Java. The project is classified as subsidized housing development with the plan of development on 153 units houses on the 160,000 M2 area of land. The project developer has finished all the necessary permits which are needed for the development of this project. In this project EthisCrowd investors will only contribute to 29 out of 153 units, the project developer expecting to be able to construct all the 29 units within 2-3 months and remaining month will be the selling period and the disbursement of end buyer’s financing money from the Bank.

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Pengembang Indonesia

Pengembang Indonesia is one of the biggest housing developer associations in Indonesia, with current member more than 600 project developers which catered several regions in Indonesia. The role of association very much important for Indonesian project developer as the association will guide in the process of development until the end of the project. The current program of Pengembang Indonesia is to have every one sub-district one hectare of housing project. As per 2019 Pengembang Indonesia association has been successfully developed more than 5,000 units subsidized and affordable housing. For this specific project the association will help in advising PT Titan project management team in the development phase as well as for the pushing of sale of the units. Pengembang Indonesia association as signed MoU with several parties to help smooth their association member in completing the project.