Back to Basics is an Ethis Educational Series that discusses a variety of topics with hopes to clear the misconceptions and myths surrounding Islamic Finance and act as a compass to navigate entrepreneurs and finance enthusiasts in the Islamic Finance space.

The series takes complex topics and concepts in Islamic Finance and breaks it down  into simplified episodes packaged in a number of themed seasons and delivered by professional instructors.  

The first season of Back to Basics focuses on giving a brief introduction into Islamic Finance. The season comprises of four episodes as scheduled below.

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Speaker Background

Mufti Yousuf Sultan

Yousuf is an experienced Islamic FinTech strategist with a passion for spearheading Islamic Finance 3.0. He has 10+ years of experience in managing tech solutions and providing shari’ah advisory. Blending academic training in Shari’ah and Islamic Finance with hands-on experience in technology, he envisions a sustainable future of Islamic Finance.

Yousuf holds an MSc degree in Islamic Finance from INCEIF, Malaysia. Earlier, he graduated in Shari’ah and Islamic Jurisprudence. He is an AAOIFI Certified Shari’ah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA), a Registered Shariah Adviser by the Securities Commission of Malaysia and an AAOIFI Master Trainer.

At Ethis, Yousuf brings his expertise in Shari’ah, technology, operations and leadership to head the global Shariah & Governance.

Back to Basics S01E04
Islamic Finance: Supporting Contracts!

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Join us for an insightful session on Islamic Finance: Supporting Contracts!


Back to Basics