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Invest online or by bank transfer. Funds go to DLD and are then sent to developers.


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Transactions Structure:

Musharakah – the joint ownership of a particular property by two or more parties.

Pledged amounts are received in the project custodian account

Monies is released to developers based on agreed construction milestones

Upon completion of the project monies is transferred to the custodian account

Payout transfers are made to individual investors


  1. Ethical practices are critical and of utmost priority. 
  2. Ethis adopts open communication and seeks transparency in all transactions and dealings. 
  3. Personalized dashboards are provided for investors to track the projects that they have invested in 
  4. Progress reports are sent periodically based on information received from the developers.
  5. Ethis investor relations team responds to any queries or update requests from investors and offers multiple avenues to do so.

Shariah Compliance

  1. Ethis adopts internationally-recognised AAOIFI Shariah standards and guidelines to ensure that the Company’s activities are in line with Shariah.
  2. Competent Shariah Advisors with relevant experience are appointed to advise the management and ensure Shariah compliance of products, structures, transactions and contracts. 
  3. Clear policies and procedures are adopted by Ethis to ensure that they do not contain any elements which conflict with Shariah requirements.
  4. Periodic audits are carried out to ensure compliance with Shariah principles.

Ethis Crowdfunding harnesses the power of the people to #CirculateGood and earn healthy profits from direct-to-project investments.